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Hanauma Bay 48 x 36

Hanauma Bay 48 x 36

I heard the greatest love story the other day and had to share it. A happy couple tied the knot at the Vancouver Art Gallery a couple of weeks ago. They were from New York and had chosen our city’s stunning gallery as the setting for their wedding. A few of the out of town guests visited the Art Rental and Sales showroom, located inside the gallery’s main floor, and decided that a piece of art was the perfect gift for the new couple. The guests pooled their resources and invited the couple to select a piece of art. The newlyweds chose “Hanauma Bay”, shown above, which I painted after my first trip to Hawaii. Majestic and beautiful, the Bay’s panoramic view inspired this painting. I am so honored that this piece was chosen on such a special day. Thank you to the gallery for sharing this amazing story with me!


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  1. Andres
    July 17, 2015

    I am a teacher in Sydney, Australia. I would like to try Google Sketchup with my Year 5 class. Your vtauirl gallery is amazing! Was Google Sketchup hard to use? Thank you for sharing your wonderful work.


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